Best Darn Chicken ‘Round

Venison, pork, now chicken …  the month of meat continues. To see how I wrestle with a plump farm-raised chicken from my local farmer, check out my piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune this week: Chicken (not so little). In the pan above I am gently cooking chicken breast pieces in brown butter and their exuded juices with a little tarragon and parsley. It’s a simple dish, but if the chicken has flavor, as this one did, it will floor you.

For folks in rural Minnesota, here’s the contact information for the chickens. This is the second year I’ve gotten my winter freezer chickens from Mary’s Best Darn Chickens ‘Round in Frazee, and there’s much to recommend them, besides the killer name.  But put your order in with Mary in the spring; she does sell out.

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