Car Cake, Car Cake, Car Cake!

I really geeked out on this. And by the end of the night I had somehow reeled Aaron into the action, too. He was wishing he had a few chisels in the house (to notch windows or some such craziness) but he did pretty well with the knife. We were going for a muscle car, but it ended up looking more like a Chrysler K-Car, no?Underneath, it’s a lemon pound cake, about three layers for the road and three for the car, cemented together with lemony cream cheese frosting. I topped it with homemade marshmallow fondant (super easy to make, and very fake-tasting, but the kids loved it), tinted black for the road and (obviously) blue for the car. Chopped walnuts mixed with brown sugar for the gravel.

But Hank didn’t really care what it tasted like. We had to hold him back from the “Car Cake! Car Cake! Car Cake!” His little arms and legs were swinging.

Here’s a nice one of Aaron’s grill and headlights.

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