Deer camp photo essay

The deer camp blog post is getting to be as much of a tradition as the Hazelbrush deer camp itself, which is saying a lot, because season opener weekend is becoming ritualized.

Thanks to all our friends who travel to get here to celebrate the fall woods with us, and special thanks to Chris Hand, who came all the way from upstate New York with his 14-year-old son Louie. A new generation hunting! Makes me weepy.

Thanks to Beth for keeping me company as I cooked, and to her husband John for bringing the bear, and to the Bruse brothers, without whom deer camp would not feel anything the same. And thanks to Bruce and Cheryl, and Julia and Zsofia, for coming to the Saturday night feast.

All these thanks, makes me think of Thanksgiving! Well, it sort of is. Of the deep-woods variety.

Here are the photos I didn’t get—the luscious red wine-rich bear stew with fried shallots and parsley, apple tart with puff pastry—and my apologies for the dim shots. We like low, moody light, and I hesitate to raise them for a photo.

image image image image image image image image image