Get Your Ducks in a Row

Here it is, Midwestern Bounty. Or, Food for the Hard Times, which may be coming our way.

Aaron’s Grandma Irene saved this picture to give to me. It was taken in the basement of her house in Grand Island, Nebraska, probably circa the 1970’s. You can almost feel the coolness of the basement and the insistent, bright heat trying to muscle its way in through the window. Not everyone knows this, but it can be ungodly hot in the middle plains states in September.

But the thing that strikes me about the photo, after the sheer volume of jars and all the hard work it took to fill them, is the inevitable homogeneity of the winter table. After all, this is a family of three we’re talking about here. That’s a lot of applesauce! Daily applesauce, I’d say. And twice-weekly carrots.

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