Goop and Goo

This is the footpath crossing our driveway. Black quicksand it is, as dark as texas tea and as sticky as bittersweet chocolate fudge. Each step ends with a loud sucking sound.

Some years spring comes dramatically here: the ice cracks and shrinks on the lakes, and warm air eats pockmarks into the snow dunes. But this year, spring is weepy—slow and steady and dripping. Hurry up! I want to get into my flower beds!
(My new favorite blogger—a funny, funny Minnesotan—describes this week better here.)
What does it all mean for my life in the kitchen? For one thing, we’re still craving winterfare, the foods that pad so as to shield you from the arctic wind. I made split pea soup last night, for christssake. And then Hank wanted to try a brownie, and how do you deny a two-year-old his first brownie?

I found a recipe online, courtesy of The Wednesday Chef courtesy of Alice Medrich. (Holy blog-surfing this week! Unusual for me.) We had to decorate this serious brownie, this salute to dark chocolate, with a silly sprinkling of “nums,” or m & m’s.
This is the raw shot, but they didn’t look much different when baked: more solid, obviously, but still tasting just like a lick off the chocolate cake spoon. Because they’re made with cocoa instead of chopped dark chocolate, these brownies are deeper and stickier (and maybe slightly less interesting … ) than the Martha Stewart brownies, but they also cost about ten dollars less to make. Noteworthy, if you’re into cheap, decadent, gooey things, which I am.

Recipe here:  


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