Homemade Bloody Slime (for Halloween!)

So I was just testing recipes today–making a Chinese marinade for fried shrimp, with egg whites and cornstarch–when through a wormhole in the chaos of my test kitchen a silly little recipe slipped in. When I went to clean the egg white/cornstarch slurry bowl, I scooped out the pad of white sludge in one oval piece and then was surprised to watch it melt languorously through my fingers. Hank would love this stuff, I thought, having made a batch of Borax Slime in this kitchen one or two times before.

He’ll come home from school in a couple of hours to find waiting for him: a tenderly oozing pad of slimy red goopy guts. I’m sure we’ll find a way to put it to ghoulish use tomorrow. (And I’m thinking of other holidays, too: green leprechaun innards? Easter slime? Let me know what you do with it.)

Happy Halloween!

Really Easy Homemade Slime

(easily doubled)

4 egg whites from large eggs

long squirt of red food coloring

1/2  teaspoon oil

1 cup cornstarch, more or less


In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg whites, food coloring, and oil. Add half of the cornstarch and whisk until smooth. Switch to a spoon and add most of the remaining cornstarch, mixing until you have a mass that isn’t wet to the touch, can be picked up, but melts immediately.

If keeping the slime at room temperature for long, cover with plastic to prevent drying out. And p.s., this is edible but not delicious.

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