No-recipe Recipes

People sometimes ask me how I am able to whip up so much food for parties and events so quickly. As my family and friends know, it’s not due to my organizational skills. No, in truth, my mood runs more to the spacey/dreamy side of the spectrum …  But when it comes to throwing down a feast for a party, I can usually do it, with a modicum of stressing. And I think it’s because when I’m in the groove, I don’t follow recipes (unless they’re my own and I’m testing them for publication.)

So in the interest of general time-saving, and making life simpler in the kitchen, I want to introduce something I’m calling “no-recipe recipes,” or recipes that have simple ratios you can memorize, or general quantities you can approximate. Whenever you can get away from recipes in the kitchen, you can fly.

Today on Adventures in Eating, my monthly radio show on the Christopher Gabriel Program, a super-diverse, really interesting cultural talk show out of Fargo, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite #no-recipe-recipes, one for Rhubarb Jam. Straight rhubarb, no filler. The finished jam is the color of a really good rosé from the south of France. The color of a bloomy sunset after a storm. The color I want to paint my toes. And now, the color of my favorite toast-topper. (It’s also magical on ice cream.)

If you want to hear us yak about it, and other things I’m cooking lately, tune in to 970 AM WDAY out of Fargo, at 11:35 today. (AM is super nostalgic to me, having grown up with a dad who listened to so much fast-talking AM radio … )

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