Three Guys Cleaning Fish

They look happy, don’t they? They should, after coming home with a bucket of bluegills.

It should be a crime to deep-fry such fresh fish. I’ve been reading a lot of Japanese cookbooks this summer, so I knew right away what I wanted to try, a recipe simply called “salt-broiled fish.”

After the boys gutted and scaled them, I rubbed the fish all over with a generous amount of kosher salt and then let them sit and perspire for half an hour. I then blotted them and skewered them, two through the gut, just handles really.

Aaron built a licking-hot oak fire and we grilled them quickly and served them with ponzu sauce (soy, mirin, ginger, lime juice, a piece of kombu, really easy to make). There was a little picking and engineering to be done at the table, but once you lifted the backbone off the first side, it was all-clear easy eating.


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