Stop the homesteader hamster wheel. I am not ready! My knives are dull, my deep-freezer needs defrosting … but the pig I ordered from an Amish farmer (his place above), the free-range baby stuffed with field peas and milk and not a little squash, is indeed a’coming. Early next week in fact. I will line a truck with plastic and go pick it up three days after deer hunting opener. The farmer will skin it, split it in half and hang it in the chill air overnight; all I’ll have to do is cut and portion it, which shouldn’t be that hard.

My uncle, a butcher, says that I should have no problem. “Call the guy back and tell him to keep it clean and that you want the kidneys hanging, for the leaf lard. Use a meat saw or, heck, your sawzall for the roasts. Just get a new blade.”

So armed, I’m heading in. Wish me luck, and speed, and stay tuned for the hog-butchering day highlights.  Headcheese, fresh bacon, leaf lard, chorizo, fresh breakfast sausage and pancetta are all on the schedule.


One of these little grazers is mine!

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