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Vintage Apple Pie, and Nebraskan Fleur de Lys

Obligatory apology for blog neglect . . .   Or, better yet, can we skip it? I’m trying to cut down on shame and guilt these days, as we all should. And as my boy Hank says, I’m addicted to Instagram. I pretty much post daily at @amyrosethielen, so for… MORE >

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"I've never tasted any of Thielen's food—though it gave me great pleasure to imagine it, even the headcheese—but she seems to have found a way to make it tell the same story that she's told in this book. I imagine her dishes are thoughtful and carefully composed, with juicy centers and caramelized edges, and, more of all, made, as her fellow line cooks liked to say, with love."—Aimee Levitt, The Chicago Reader

"Fans of Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential and Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood, Bones and Butter will enjoy this chef's memoir of learning to cook in Minnesota and dicing and deep-frying her way through the kitchens of some of New York's most esteemed chefs."—AM New York

"Give a Girl a Knife made me consider a move to, or at least a summer spent in, rural Minnesota just to be close to Amy and her home kitchen. I've read my fair share of chef memoir. Amy's story is different. It's about Amy's innate need to cook. What is it they say? Writers write. Chefs cook. Amy is the rare example of someone who does both like a boss!"—Vivian Howard, author of Deep Run Roots

"Thielen's writing is at once culinary and literary; she refers to her tone in the kitchen as 'not-very-Minnesota-nice blunt,' but on the page, her style is measured and sincere."—Katie Weed, Shelf Awareness


Available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and iBookStore and Target.


Heartland Table

Heartland Table, an instructional cooking show shot in Amy’s house in northern Minnesota, and co-produced by Lidia Bastianich’s Tavola and Random House Studio, debuted on Food Network in September, 2013.....


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